Exciting Floral Trends for Weddings


Beautiful flowers can make any wedding feel even more enchanting and memorable. If you're looking for a reputable Washington florist who can make your upcoming wedding seem like a fairy tale, Kathi's Freelance Floral in Snohomish is exactly what you need. If you want to explore the latest and greatest floral trends out there, Kathi's Freelance Floral is undoubtedly the solution.

Current floral trends are fresher and more exciting than ever. One example of wedding floral trend of the moment involves seasonal blooms. If you're into seasonal blooms that are reminiscent of rich forests, you'll love all of the new floral styles.

Bouquet form is also a big deal. Wedding bouquets that are hot lately tend to be rather broad in shape. They're far from the dense and compact affairs of years before. If you're interested in current wedding flower trends, you should focus on bouquets that look like they were just picked. Wedding flowers these days are often ideal for people who have penchants for things that look and feel all-natural.

It's never an easy task to select a bridal bouquet. Lucky women only get the opportunity to do this once. If you want to have a bridal bouquet that works on your wedding day, make a point to pick your wedding gown first. You should always try your best to find a bridal bouquet that perfectly complements your gorgeous dress. Make a point to focus on the color of your gown, too. If you get in contact with Kathi's Freelance Florist, you'll be able to receive reliable tips that can help you find flowers that will make your dress look more stunning than you even thought possible.

It can also help to determine which specific flowers will be in season at the time of your wedding. Many flowers are particularly expensive or difficult to acquire when they're not in season. If you want to put together the ideal bouquet, you should be aware of all of your best and most appropriate flower options.

If you're planning a wedding and want to know all about your incredible flower choices, contact us at Kathi's Freelance Florist as soon as possible. We want to help you take care of all of your wedding flower requirements, period.

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